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What Does Your Message Reflect About You?

orangemarkerWhatever your product or service, sloppy writing makes a poor impression. In a highly competitive global market, business success depends on having a clear and compelling message and getting it right the first time. Communications say a lot about your organization and contribute to the image it projects.


Before you publish, make Editarians your first reader. Our professional business editors know how to find the right tone and choose the right words to enhance your professional credibility. Use our business proofreading and editing services to polish your message to perfection, so that what is communicated is exactly what was intended. It’s just good business sense.




Click here to read an example of just how important a good edit can be and why punctuation matters!


Why Do So Many Companies Choose Editarians?



Number 1

Your file integrity and confidentiality are secure with us.

We don’t mess around with the security of your files. We are editing experts, not security experts, so we use a respected online collaboration tool that safeguards your data in multiple and sophisticated ways on a dedicated, monitored, and protected network. Servers run at full redundancy to keep the system operational at all times—which means you can always access your project.

Internally, we abide by a strict privacy policy. We guarantee the confidentiality of your information, and we’ll gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement at your request. We’re proud to have been trusted with highly sensitive documents in policing, banking, and government. Of course, we treat every project with the same level of care: it’s just the way we do business.


Number 2We focus on our strengths while you focus on yours.

We are editing professionals; it's all we do. Experience the relief that comes from delegating the details to us while you free yourself to focus on your strengths. Employees often do not have the resources to ensure corporate communications are of the highest calibre. For entrepreneurs, the onus to craft the right message rests heavily on one individual. Editarians' professional editors produce well-written publications all the time, quickly and easily. Problem solved.


We tailor our services to meet your needs. Choose the scope of your edit, from a quick final polish to coaching in good writing skills, to anything in between. We can set up projects in numerous ways, depending on what works for you. After all, we’re here to offer solutions, not create hoops to jump through.



Number 3We save you money.

Pchangerecious human and financial resources are wasted when incorrect or inappropriate documents need to be revised or reissued. Professional editing by Editarians' business editors gets it right the first time, within your budget. Improve the quality of your communications while controlling costs: use us only when we’re needed, and rest confident in the knowledge that we’re working to exceed your expectations. We respect your deadlines, too: you can count on us to manage our workflow so that we deliver as promised. We guarantee it, 100%.



Number 4Our professional editors work for YOU.

What, you need it right away? It has to be done on time? You want it done right in the first place? You want somebody to respond to your calls and questions? If you expect the best from the companies you hire, you've come to the right place. We work to deliver wow to our clients on a daily basis. Our integrity is rock solid, and we're here to make the editing process as easy as possible.


Our editarians excel at organization and detail, and we are trained in managing projects from concept to completion. We are dedicated to bringing our knowledge and experience to assist your project, however large or small. This is done in partnership with you. We firmly believe that good editing has a lot to do with flexibility and understanding. Each person, each organization, has a unique style and voice; we truly appreciate that. At Editarians, we work with you to create a finished product that is highly readable, fastidiously accurate, and remarkably yours.


Number 5We offer free consultations.

Send us any document or link to a website and we’ll give you a complimentary evaluation with absolutely no obligation. Really! We treat all submissions in the strictest confidence.



Number 6

We pay referral fees.

You can opt to have payments sent to you, deducted from your account, deducted from the account of the person or company you referred, or donated to charity. For more details, check out our referral program.