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The Inkpot is our forum for dipping into the expertise we have amassed over the years and sharing it with you, our readers. We want to inform, elucidate, educate—and perhaps inspire—you on the nuances of academic writing (and everyday writing, too!). Plus, we have a ton of hacks and tips that can make the process much quicker and easier.

Writers tend to stumble in the same places. We’re here to remove roadblocks and make molehills of your mountains.

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Are you struggling with a particular aspect of APA Style? Having an intractable argument with a coworker over a question of grammar or punctuation? Just wondering in general how to write something better?

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Warning: Reading this blog may keep you youthful. It may reduce your stress and the frequency with which you furrow your brow while writing. In extreme cases you may jump around happily shouting, “A-ha!”

Introducing the Editarians Blog

With this blog, we hope to provide insight and motivation to help you write your papers more easily, more accurately, and more confidently. In addition, we’ll share tips on everything from creating a system for collecting references, to overcoming procrastination, to remembering grammar rules.

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How to Format Pages in APA Style

In this post we cover APA guidelines for margins, page size, and page orientation. We then cover in detail how to set up APA page formatting in Microsoft Word. Using a Mac? Check out our section on setting up margins and page layout in Word for Mac. Margins The first...

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How to Insert a Running Head in APA Style

In this blog post we examine running heads in APA Style. We cover what purpose a running head serves, do’s and don’ts to follow, how to format a running head for an APA paper, and how to count characters to ensure the running head is within the character limit.

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